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I Have Cancer. Now What?

I Have Cancer - Now What?

My Book About Cancer (Father)

My Book About Cancer - Father

My Book About Cancer (Mother)

My Book About Cancer - Mother

What's different between this new course and the previous, live 2-day course?

The new course provides entirely new content, new learning objectives, and new test items. Its primary focus is to provide and reinforce critical information for safe administration and to apply evidence to manage acute side effects and adverse events related to chemotherapy and biotherapy administration. The course isn’t the old content in an online format; rather, it is a more focused, intense course intended for those who will frequently administer chemotherapy and biotherapy.

The course is a non-degree granting program that provides instruction and training around a narrow set of knowledge, skills, and competencies associated with completion of a process, provision of a service, or fulfillment of continuing education requirements. Certificates indicate attainment of knowledge, something which cannot be provided without first establishing that level of knowledge.

What are the course expectations?

To obtain continuing nursing education credits, the provider card, and the certificate of added qualification, course participants must

  •     Complete all course lessons
  •     Successfully complete all discussion posts
  •     Successfully complete the post-test with a score of 80% or higher
  •     Complete the course evaluation (link located in the evaluation folder).

It is important to adhere to all aspects of the ONS Educational Integrity statement as well.

The course is designed to provide interaction between learners with varying levels of expertise. Learning from colleagues is a strength of this course and has led to several ideas for practice improvement. Learners also have the opportunity to interact with course facilitators. The facilitators will review information posted and ask for additional detail and/or correct information that may be incorrect. Given this information, it is important to fully engage in the discussions. Your participation helps make this course a success for you and your peers.

What is the institutional pricing?

ONS offers discounted pricing for institutions and employers. The institutional pricing options reflect a per-person cost.


Current cardholders

 1–5 Registrants: $119

6–10 Registrants (Save 20%): $95.20

11–20 Registrants (Save 25%): $89.25

21–49 Registrants (Save 30%): $83.30

50–99 Registrants (Save 35%): $77.35

100+ Registrants (Save 40%): $71.40 



1–5 Registrants: $239

6–10 Registrants (Save 20%): $191.20

11–20 Registrants (Save 25%): $179.25

21–49 Registrants (Save 30%): $167.30

50–99 Registrants (Save 35%): $155.35

100+ Registrants (Save 40%): $143.40


For questions regarding bulk purchases, please contact

I received a zero for my discussion. What does that mean?

All discussions are scored as pass or fail. A zero indicates that credit has not be given for your post and likely that more information is needed. Course facilitators provide feedback on what is needed to earn credit for your post. Please check the gradebook and discussion page for facilitator feedback.