By: A. D. Klimaszewski, M. Bacon, H.E. Deininger, B. A. Ford, & J. G. Westendorp (Eds.)

ISBN: 9781890504717

Published by: Oncology Nursing Society

Publication date: 2008

Pages: 556

Binding: Softcover

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Manual for Clinical Trials Nursing (Second Edition)

In the past decade, clinical trials have undergone important and dramatic advances. The nurse navigator has emerged as an important role. Around the world, the sheer number of clinical trial registries has increased. The need for transparency and disclosure has resulted in more information sharing in regards to ethics and informed consent. Clinical trials nurses now have a multiplicity of titles, job descriptions, duties, and educational and professional requirements. Worldwide, the role of the clinical trials nurse has changed even more drastically, with traditional responsibilities being delegated to non-nursing staff. The second edition of Manual For Clinical Trials Nursing adds clarity and perspective to the rapidly changing landscape of clinical trials nursing. New chapters in this revised and updated edition examine budget, compassionate use of protocol drugs, designing computerized tools to verify eligibility, electronic data capture, and much more. Appendices have also been expanded to include key documents in the ethical treatment of human subjects, such as the Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki, and more. With the oncology research world shrinking, the contribution of international colleagues cannot be overlooked, and this new edition includes chapters from contributors hailing from 10 countries outside the United States. A new chapter discusses the European Union Directive, offering insight into the framework within European nurses operate, and the section with international contributors has nearly doubled from the first edition.

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