By: C.L. Stiverson

ISBN: 9781935864622

Published by: Hygeia Media

Publication date: 2016

Pages: 36

Binding: Softcover

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Nellie's Walk

During a walk one autumn afternoon, Nellie and her mother meet a goldfinch. The colorful bird leads them through the woods, teaching Nellie about nature’s transformation during this time of year. Nellie’s mother uses the changes happening in the forest to explain the transformation that occurs in people receiving chemotherapy.

At one point during their walk, Nellie’s mother removes her hat, revealing her hairless head, and explains that her appearance is a sign of the healing process rather than illness.

“When I am finished with the chemotherapy, my hair will grow back, like the leaves that return to the trees when winter ends,” her mother says.

Her explanation helps Nellie to understand the changes her mother is going through, just as this beautifully illustrated children’s book will provide opportunities for people with cancer, caregivers, friends, and family to talk with their younger loved ones about a sensitive topic in a realistic yet nonthreatening way. 

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