By: P. Daugherty, K.A. Gamblin, & M. Rummel (Eds.)

ISBN: 9781935864936

Published by: Oncology Nursing Society

Publication date: 2017

Pages: 232

Binding: Softcover

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Oncology Nurse Navigation Case Studies

Navigation is widely acknowledged as an essential component in the oncology care continuum and an integral part of the oncology patient experience. Oncology Nurse Navigation Case Studies examines the role of oncology nurse navigators (ONNs) in facilitating access to treatment; alleviating care barriers; and providing support, resources, and education throughout the disease and treatment trajectory.

In addition to expanding on the scope of nurse navigation across cancer specialties, this book explores the application of successful navigation programs as well as collaboration efforts between ONNs and lay navigators. Each of the 22 case studies in this book offer an individualized and detailed approach to patient-centric navigation scenarios.

As a comprehensive guide to the implementation of patient navigation, this book serves as an essential resource for healthcare professionals looking to develop and enhance their oncology navigation programs.

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