Immunotherapy Wallet Cards


The ONS Immunotherapy Patient Wallet Card is intended to communicate with healthcare providers who are not involved with a patient’s cancer treatment. Should your patient need to be seen by his/her primary care provider or in the emergency room, as an example, the card should be provided at the time of service to alert the care team of the following:

  • The patient is receiving cancer treatment with immunotherapy agents
  • The common side effects of immunotherapy agents
  • Management of immunotherapy side effects may require a different approach than those of chemotherapy
  • Oncology providers should be alerted prior to making any change in immunotherapy treatment regimens

Download and print the ONS Immunotherapy Patient Wallet Card today.

Or, you can order printed cards using the "Add to Cart" function above. Please note that there is a limit of three packs (50 cards in each pack) per order.

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