Opioid Pain Management in Serious Illness Recorded Webinar


Opioid Pain Management in Serious Illness: Assessing the Educational Needs of Patients & Families Across the Lifespan

Recorded Webinar by the Hospice & Palliative Nurses Association

Speakers: Vanessa Battista, MS, RN, CPNP-PC, Amy Haskamp, MSN, RN, PCNS-BC, CPON, CHPPN, and Ellyn Schreiner, MPH, RN-BC, CHPN

Further your knowledge on pain education in an opioid crisis during this webinar that features three life span case studies to address fears and myths regarding opioid pain management in serious illness. 

Pain Education in an Opioid Crisis from Oncology Nursing Society on Vimeo.

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