So Your Institution Wants to Administer Radionuclides? Recorded Webinar


Recorded Webinar

Yttrium 90…..Radium 223 …….Lutetium 177…….. No, we are not talking about science fiction planets or characters. In this webinar, we explore some of the many radionuclides used to treat cancer and the key considerations for both staff and patients. Preparation, education, and communication across disciplines is important for any institution administering these agents. Hear first-hand from a nurse who experienced the process from start to finish of implementing administration of a radionuclide, Lutetium 177, on an inpatient unit; the lessons learned, challenges faced, and the nursing perspective.

Download the session handouts: Radiation Exposure and Radionuclides Table

Complete the evaluation to earn your credit. This activity is worth 1 contact hour of NCPD.


Speaker: Pam Grubbs, MS, APRN, CNS, AOCNS - Clinical Nurse Specialist at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota