Chemomobilization: Overview of an Educational Quality Improvement Project for Recipients of Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation

Zandra R. Rivera, DNP, RN, ANP-BC, BMTCN®; Rachelle Nurse, PhD, RN, WHNP-BC; Bryan Fellman, BS, MS; Nicole Brunelle, MSN, RN, NP-C; Kelly J. Brassil, PhD, RN, AOCNS®, ACNS-BC, CNL


Background: In preparation for an autologous stem cell transplantation, patients undergo chemomobilization; however, a dearth of standardized, evidence-based patient education on chemomobilization exists in the literature and in practice.

Objectives: The purpose of this quality improvement educational initiative is to identify an 
evidence-based approach to appraise the educational needs of patients and their caregivers and to enhance chemomobilization education. 

Methods: A review of the literature related to chemomobilization was conducted, as well as an informal survey of educational practices at five 
National Cancer Institute–designated comprehensive cancer centers. A 14-item survey was administered to 50 patients who underwent chemomobilization to assess their educational needs, experiences, and preferences. 

Findings: Patients prefer written information to review. Receiving verbal education from reliable healthcare providers in a structured format may enhance effective comprehension and retention. Patients identified timing, process, side effects, and expectations about chemomobilization as the most important topics to include in education.

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