About ONS

The Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) is a professional association of more than 39,000 members committed to promoting excellence in oncology nursing and the transformation of cancer care. Since 1975, ONS has provided a professional community for oncology nurses, developed evidence-based education programs and treatment information, and advocated for patient care, all in an effort to improve quality of life and outcomes for patients with cancer and their families. Together, ONS and the cancer community seek to reduce the risks, incidence, and burden of cancer by encouraging healthy lifestyles, promoting early detection, and improving the management of cancer symptoms and side effects throughout the disease trajectory.

How We Started

ONS traces its origin to the first National Cancer Nursing Research Conference, supported by the American Nurses Association and the American Cancer Society (ACS) in 1973. Following this conference, a small group of oncology nurses met to discuss the need for a national organization to support their profession. Since its official incorporation in 1975, ONS has become a leader in cancer care. It has grown to include 231 chapters and 27 special interest groups. It provides information and education to nurses around the world. In addition, the Society plays an active role in advocacy activities at the local, state, national, and international levels.

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Membership in ONS: We Care About Oncology Nurses

While you’re busy caring for your patients, we’re busy caring for you. When you’re part of ONS, you’re part of the largest international community of oncology nurses. We’re here to positively affect your future because we care about you, the nursing profession, and most importantly, advancing the care of patients with cancer. You’ll find the resources you need within ONS, including evidence-based education, treatment information, and practice resources, that help you improve quality of life and outcomes for patients with cancer and their families.

ONS members are a diverse group of professionals who represent a variety of professional roles, practice settings, and subspecialty practice areas. Registered nurses, including staff nurses, advanced practice nurses, case managers, educators, researchers, and consultants, and other healthcare professionals, benefit from membership. The society offers useful information and opportunities for nurses at all levels, in all practice settings, and in all subspecialties. Visit the membership area for a complete list of member benefits or to join today.