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Oncology Nursing Society resources are available for licensing to institutions and vendors to support quality cancer care delivery at multiple points of interaction.

New: ONS On-Call™

Cancer treatment often causes symptoms that result in treatment delays and unplanned care. This adversely affects patient outcomes, healthcare costs, and patient satisfaction. To decrease these possibilities, the ONS Center for Innovation has launched ONS On-Call™, an oncology-specific decision support tool to guide standardized, evidence-based symptom assessments and leverage ONS’s proprietary evidence-based resources with patient-reported symptoms. Designed by nurses, this cloud-hosted tool ensures best practices in the clinic and institution by providing nurses with guided, comprehensive, and evidence-based assessments that illuminate the causative factors of patients’ symptoms and experience.

To learn more about licensing opportunities, contact ONS staff at institutions@ons.org.

New: ONS On-Demand™

ONS On-Demand™ is a new distribution platform that offers an efficient solution to provide staff with access to evidence-based education from ONS. Staff can be assigned courses to access and complete, and those with administrative roles can view reports on course completion activity.  
ONS On-Demand supports nursing continuing professional development (NCPD) reporting requirements for accreditation programs and staff continuous professional development.

To learn more, contact institutions@ons.org.

Policies & Procedures

ONS is the source for evidence-based standards and guidelines. We offer a standard set of policies and procedures, based on ONS evidence-based standards and guidelines, presented to you in a manner that can integrate with your electronic health record, intranet, policy and procedure manual, or other systems. This product is available in a choice of two files, including one that can be easily edited to include your practice-specific requirements. 

Oncology Policies and Procedures includes the following:

  • Continuity of care during a disaster
  • Chemotherapy competency
  • Management of acute hazardous drug exposure
  • Patient education
  • Patient safety and infection control
  • Preassessment and reassessment of patients receiving chemotherapy
  • Quality improvement
  • Telephone triage
  • Job descriptions for nursing roles

To learn more about licensing opportunities, contact ONS staff at institutions@ons.org.

ONS Publications

ONS Content

Provide your employees and customers with convenient, cost-effective access to hundreds of peer-reviewed articles, courses, publications, research resources, and other products. As a professional association of more than 35,000 members committed to promoting excellence in oncology nursing and the transformation of cancer care, ONS produces some of the most highly respected products in the field of nursing, including:

Licensing Options and Benefits

  • Reprints: Purchase customized, high-quality, professionally produced reprints of ONS journal articles, book chapters, and other content directly from ONS (50 reprint minimum). For more information, email pubpermissions@ons.org
  • Translations: Translate and resell publications internationally. ONS books and journals are available to non-U.S. publishers for translation, including the right to publish, sell, and distribute foreign-language editions.
  • Integration: Purchase a license to incorporate ONS’s oncology-specific telephone triage protocols into your institution’s EMR or EHR system.
  • Customization: Licensing partners may customize ONS intellectual property for inclusion in your product, service, or other commercial endeavor.
  • Standards and guidelines: ONS standards and guidelines can be incorporated into your institution’s clinical practice or electronic health record system.
  • Core Competencies: Your organization can implement ONS-developed core competencies for a wide variety of oncology nursing roles.
  • Research Resources: Explore the possibility of using evidence-based resources to conduct research or for commercial purposes.
  • Accessibility: Your staff or customers will have immediate access to the licensed content at a centralized location.
  • Enhance Your Library: A site license will serve to supplement your electronic oncology nursing library.
  • Discounts: Purchase ONS products at a discount in bulk quantities, including books and online courses.
  • Your Ideas: ONS is interested in hearing your unique ideas related to a potential ONS licensing arrangement that would best serve your organization.

Contact Us

Email institutions@ons.org any questions you may have or to initiate a licensing partnership with ONS. Authors and others seeking limited, one-time permission to reprint content from an ONS resource should contact pubpermissions@ons.org.

ONS Courses

Design the ideal learning path for your staff and purchase courses in bulk.

Courses can be bundled to do the following:

  • Create a desired orientation path.
  • Engage in continuous professional development.
  • Support annual content updates during annual competency verification.
  • Meet accreditation and/or maintenance of certification and licensure requirements.

To learn more and create your ideal content bundles, contact ONS staff at institutions@ons.org.

Oncology Nurse Orientation Program

The Oncology Nurse Orientation Program, available for institutional purchase only, provides didactic content for nurses new to oncology. This program builds on the Foundations of Oncology Nursing Practice Bundle (formerly Oncology Nurse Orientation Bundle) and includes flexible preceptor-led activities.  The ONS Oncology Nurse Orientation Program content is evidence-based, incorporates ONS standards and guidelines, and supports new oncology nurses working toward certification based on the ONS Oncology Nurse Generalist Competencies.

For more information, email institutions@ons.org.  

Virtual Reality Simulation

Coming Soon: New Virtual Reality Simulation: Cleaning a Hazardous Drug Spill

This interactive learning simulation will prepare staff with the process of responding and cleaning a small hazardous drug spill in a healthcare setting. 

Please email institutions@ons.org if you would like to be notified when this product launches.