ONS President-Elect Laura Fennimore

ONS President-Elect Announced

Laura Fennimore, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, professor of acute and tertiary care at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing in Pittsburgh, PA, has been selected as the next ONS president for the 2018–2020 term.

Chemo for Non-Oncology Conditions

Treat Noncancerous Conditions With Chemo

The Chemotherapy for Non-Oncology Conditions online course will expand your understanding of chemo treatment beyond its uses in the oncology unit and sharpen your practice for this unique patient population. 

21st Century Nursing Leadership

Discover Your Voice as a Nurse Leader

Transition your career from bedside to boardroom with the new ONS book, 21st Century Nursing Leadership, and navigate through the issues of nursing practice that matter most.

Cancer Basics

New to Oncology? Here's Your Start

The Cancer Basics online course is your orientation to the oncology subspecialty. Over six months, you'll grow your knowledge and gain the solid foundation you need to effectively care for your patients.

Get the Immunotherapy Resources You Need

Chances are you have treated patients receiving immunotherapy, but how well do you understand these treatments? Use ONS resources to bridge your knowledge gap and effectively care for your patients.

Improve Patient Outcomes With ONS Standards of Care

Providing the latest evidence-based information and guidelines, ONS standards of care ensure the best possible outcomes at the highest levels of cancer care. Apply these industry-leading standards to your daily work, and encourage colleagues to do the same.

Manage Pain With Evidence-Based Strategies

Patients with cancer commonly experience pain from diagnosis through survivorship. Use the CJON pain supplement and ONS-recommended pain assessment tools to improve your care and enhance patients' quality of life. Additionally, read about ONS's stance on cancer pain management and ONS quality measures

Help Patients Understand Their Oral Chemo Drugs

More patients with cancer are being prescribed oral chemo drugs than ever before, but these drugs are not just ordinary pills. Use ONS's Oral Chemo Guide to teach your patients about safe handling, managing side effects, and more. 

Help Parents Care for Their Child With Cancer

Studying parent–child interactions during painful cancer-related procedures can provide evidence to develop nursing interventions to support parents in caring for their child during painful procedures. Read more in this new ONS Forum article