Perspectives on Self-Advocacy: Comparing Perceived Uses, Benefits, and Drawbacks Among Survivors and Providers

Teresa L. Hagan, PhD, RN; Margaret Q. Rosenzweig, PhD, CRNP-C, AOCN®; Kristin K. Zorn, MD; G. Josie van Londen, MD, MS; and Heidi S. Donovan, PhD, RN


Purpose/Objectives: To describe and compare survivors' and providers' views of the uses of and perceived benefits and drawbacks of survivor self-advocacy.

Design: A cross-sectional, two-group, mixed-methods survey.

Setting: Survivors were recruited from local and national registries and advocacy organizations. Providers were recruited from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Cancer Center and a regional Oncology Nursing Society chapter.

Sample: 122 female cancer survivors and 39 providers involved in their direct care.

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