Survivorship Model of Care: Development and Implementation of a Nurse Practitioner–Led Intervention for Patients With Breast Cancer

Kathryn E. Post, RN, ANP-BC; Beverly Moy, MD, MPH; Catherine Furlani, NP; Elizabeth Strand, NP; Jane Flanagan, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, AHN-BC; Jeffery M. Peppercorn, MD, MPH


Background: Despite a call for action to improve survivorship care, no optimal model of care exists. 

Objectives: To develop and evaluate the feasibility of a nurse practitioner (NP)–led model of care for survivorship visits after initial therapy. 

Methods: Patients received an NP-led survivorship bridge visit (NPSBV) following treatment for early-stage breast cancer. A cross-sectional survey was used to evaluate responses to the NPSBV and patient satisfaction with care. Satisfaction with usual care was evaluated in a comparison of patient groups. Differences were assessed with a chi-square test or Fisher’s exact test.

Findings: Of 166 surveys, 118 were returned. The NPSBV met feasibility with a high attendance rate and had high acceptability and satisfaction rates. NPSBV patients were more likely to report that their team always cared as much as they did about their health compared to controls. Most patients would recommend the NPSBV to others.

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