Weight Management: Perception, Interest, and Preferences in Adult Cancer Survivors

Fang Fang Zhang, MD, PhD; Susan Meagher, PhD; Susan Koch-Weser, PhD, ScD; Mary Beth Singer, MS, ANP-BC, AOCN®; ACHPN, Geetika Dhaundiyal, MS; John Erban, MD; and Edward Saltzman, MD


Background: Obesity in cancer survivors has been recognized as a growing crisis in cancer care, but cancer survivors may not perceive weight status as important and may not be motivated to manage weight.

Objectives: This study aims to evaluate survivors' perception, interest, and preferences for weight management and to identify characteristics that may affect attitudes toward weight management.

Methods: This cross-sectional survey assessed cancer survivors' attitudes toward weight management with patients attending oncology outpatient clinics at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

Findings: Among 209 respondents who completed the survey, 35% were overweight and 27% were obese. Most participants indicated that they would like to lose weight or were interested or very interested in participating in weight management programs. The results reinforce the need for the oncology team to provide weight management support to cancer survivors.

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