Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice

MiKaela Olsen | Kristine LeFebvre | Kelly Brassil
Oncology Nursing Society


New Edition Coming Soon!

Look for the 2nd Edition of Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy: Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice coming May 2023.

The Oncology Nursing Society has been your go-to resource for evidence-based guidelines and education on chemotherapy administration and side effect management. This completely revised and updated text expands the foundational information you rely upon for your practice to include the latest advances related to nursing care of patients receiving antineoplastic therapies.

Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice features 26 chapters examining multiple categories of cancer-care agents, including chemo, immunotherapy, molecularly targeted agents, and hormone therapy.

You'll find information and features like

  • Pathophysiology and management of toxicities related to antineoplastic treatment, with evidence-based guidelines.
  • Information on the unique side effects of immunotherapy agents and their management.
  • Safe administration of cancer therapies, including a chapter on prevention and management of infusion-related reactions with current evidence-based strategies.
  • Comprehensive drug tables in each chapter and new and updated figures, tables, and algorithms.
  • Professional considerations such as scope and standards of practice, professional education, policies and procedures, antineoplastic medication safety, ethical and legal issues, and patient education.

Adhering to national, state, and institutional standards is a fundamental responsibility of all nurses. These guidelines explain and reference standards that oncology nurses should be aware of and follow. This book is an essential guide to enhance your care of patients with cancer.

July 2020 Update

To keep you abreast of the latest news and information in the specialty, ONS has developed an update offering you information on new drug approvals, new evidence on side effects, indications, and nursing considerations since the publication of the book. The latest update has been released in July 2020 and we expect to release further updates periodically. The update is free for anyone who has already purchased a copy of the book. Get more information on how to download your copy or make a purchase.

Please see the following errata for changes to this book:
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