Nursing Management: Principles and Practice (Second Edition)

Mary Gullatte
Oncology Nursing Society


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With healthcare reform legislation and a diverse set of challenges presenting themselves each day, nursing management has never been more complicated. Nursing leaders need resources and tools to support the constantly shifting demands in healthcare management and, ultimately, patient care.

The second edition of Nursing Management: Principles and Practice provides an in-depth review of general and oncology nursing management principles to guide the practice and development of nurse managers involved with the care of patients with cancer. It features 46 chapters and nearly 1,000 pages—almost 40% larger than the previous edition. You’ll find updated chapters on leadership development, management theory, organizational design, human resource management, and financial management, with practical steps for nurses working as entry-level managers. It also comes with a CD-ROM containing PowerPoint slides for each chapter that you can use in training and exercises.

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