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Quality & Safety

An Evidence-Based Review of the Safety and Efficacy of Remote Chemotherapy Verification

Erica Fischer-Cartlidge

Caroline Clark

Sarah B. Kibbee

Kerri Moriarty

high-risk medication, safety, remote, telehealth, quality, virtual health
CJON 2024, 28(1), 1-5. DOI: 10.1188/24.CJON.1-5.AP

In response to the nursing shortage and the emergence of telehealth opportunities, the Oncology Nursing Society used an evidence-based approach to examine current literature and trends for the two-person independent double check of high-risk medications, such as chemotherapy, when one of those two individuals is working remotely. Analysis of available evidence suggests virtual technology for two-person independent double checks is feasible and may be equal to live two-person checks; however, lack of consistency and rigor in the interventions and outcome measures makes a determination on safety or efficacy challenging.


  • Innovative solutions for chemotherapy safety checks are needed across the cancer care continuum to respond to the evolving healthcare landscape without sacrificing safety.
  • Integrating remote technology into chemotherapy safety checks was not associated with adverse event reports in the literature or practice interviews.
  • To determine the safety and efficacy of remote independent verification for high-risk medications, nursing research is recommended.

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