Self-Reported Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment in Patients With Breast Cancer Is Associated With Potassium Channel Gene Polymorphisms

Kate R. Oppegaard

Marilyn J. Hammer

Yvette P. Conley

Carolyn S. Harris

Bruce A. Cooper

Steven M. Paul

Joosun Shin

Lisa Morse

Gary M. Abrams

Jon D. Levine

Christine Miaskowski

attentional function, breast cancer, cancer-related cognitive impairment
ONF 2024, 51(3), 263-274. DOI: 10.1188/24.ONF.263-274

Objectives: To evaluate for associations of polymorphisms for potassium channel genes in patients with breast cancer who were classified as having high or low–moderate levels of cancer-related cognitive impairment (CRCI).

Sample & Setting: 397 women who were scheduled to undergo surgery for breast cancer on one breast were recruited from breast care centers located in a comprehensive cancer center, two public hospitals, and four community practices.

Methods & Variables: CRCI was assessed using the Attentional Function Index prior to and for six months after surgery. The attentional function classes were identified using growth mixture modeling.

Results: Differences between patients in the high versus low–moderate attentional function classes were evaluated. Six single nucleotide polymorphisms for potassium channel genes were associated with low–moderate class membership.

Implications for Nursing: The results contribute to knowledge of the mechanisms for CRCI. These findings may lead to the identification of high-risk patients and the development of novel therapeutics.

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