ONS Books Peer Review

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Peer reviewers are a critical component of the publication process, ensuring quality and relevancy of chapters.

Getting Involved

Not a reviewer yet but interested in joining? Complete an application and return it to dburns@ons.org. Reviewer responsibilities and basic guidelines are provided below. 

  • Responsibilities
  • Tips for Review Comments
  • Complete appropriate forms.
    • ONS conflict of interest (initially and annually)
    • Contact information (update as needed)
    • Areas of expertise (initially and as requested)
  • Provide reviews that are constructive and supportive.
  • Complete reviews according to the deadline provided, usually 2-3 weeks.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all content. Manuscripts under review cannot be duplicated, quoted, or distributed. Any manuscript files should be destroyed after review completion.
  • Avoid rewriting, correcting grammar and punctuation, or correcting reference styles.
  • Instead, identify the major strengths and weaknesses and provide specific suggestions for improvement.
  • Comment on the clarity of the content as well as its presentation.
    • Does the title represent the work?
    • Are reference materials interpreted correctly?
    • Do tables and figures support the work?
  • Discuss the appropriateness and accuracy of the information.
  • Are the references pertinent, timely, balanced, and evidence based?