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Discover resources to help facilitate conversations surrounding the dangers of tobacco use, e-cigarettes and vaping. Resources include clinical practice resources, podcasts, school outreach and youth prevention resources, articles, toolkits, and more.

ONS Articles

Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing Articles

Smoking Cessation: An Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist-Led Program

Tobacco Dependence Treatment: Examining Cessation Effectiveness in Oncology Settings

E-Cigarettes and Smoking Cessation: A Primer for Oncology Clinicians

E-Cigarettes: Background and Essential Information for Providers


Oncology Nursing Forum Articles

Patient-Provider Discussion About Lung Cancer Screening is Related to Smoking Quit Attempts in Smokers

Change in Health-Related Quality of Life Among Individuals With Cancer Undergoing Smoking Cessation Treatment Involving Varenicline

Use of E-Cigarettes and Vaping


ONS Voice Articles

It's Time to Stop E-Cigarette Manufacturers From Blowing Smoke About Youth Tobacco Use

NIH-Funded Studies Show Damaging Effects of Vaping, Smoking on Blood Vessels

When Healthcare Professionals Join Organizations to Advocate, Patients' Voices Are Heard

E-Cigarettes Are Not an Effective Smoking Cessation Strategy

Oncology APRNs Are Change Agents for Tobacco Cessation

FDA Removes Racist Root from Tobacco Database Terminology

New Data Show 2.5 Million Youth Currently Use E-Cigarettes

FDA Launches Campaign to Prevent Vaping Use Among American Indian and Alaska Youth

Study Shows Anti-Vaping Advertising Campaigns Are Effective in Educating Youth About Tobacco Dangers

Big Tobacco Continues to Target Female Smokers, but Oncology Nurses Can Help

First-Time Smoking Age Increases Among Young Adults

Smoking Rates are Low, But Here's How They Can Be Lower

E-Cigarettes Increase Risk of Lung and Bladder Cancer More Than Traditional Cigarettes

Vaping, E-Cigarettes, and Flavored Tobacco Are Reversing 20 Years of Decreasing Smoking Rates

Surgeon General Declares Youth Vaping an Epidemic

Bipartisan Drug Debates; Youth Vaping Epidemic; Socioeconomic Disparities and Cancer


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