Nurse Navigation Learning Library

Nurse Navigation Learning Library

Discover what you can learn about nurse navigation on our online learning library. Explore over 20 resources curated from ONS content and offerings, as well as external sources, such as competencies, courses, clinical practice resources, books, and podcasts.

Clinical Practice Resources

ONS Oncology Nurse Navigator Toolkit
Funding for development of this toolkit was provided by Genentech.


Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing Articles:

Academic Nurse Navigation: Unique Aspects and Strategies for Success

Oncology Nurse Navigation: Results of the 2016 Role Delineation Study

Nurse Navigator Core Competencies: An Update to Reflect the Evolution of the Role

Oncology Nurse Navigation: Expansion of the Navigator Role Through Telehealth

Novice Oncology Nurse Navigator: Core Elements in Establishing Training Needs and Building on Competencies

Standardizing Roles: Evaluating Oncology Nurse Navigator Clarity, Educational Preparation, and Scope of work Within Two Healthcare Systems

Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Model: A Positive Association Between Oncology Nurse Navigation and Improved Outcomes for Patients with Cancer

Evaluating an Online Training Course to Develop and Sustain Cancer Navigation and Survivorship Programs

Oncology Nurse Navigation: Development and Implementation of a Program at a Comprehensive Cancer Center


ONS Voice Articles:

Transitions in Care: Communication Builds a Bridge of Consistent Support for Patients

Financial Navigation During Hematologic Cancer Saves Patients and Caregivers $2,500

Oncology Navigation Standards Help Patients Overcome Disparities and Barrier to Care

The Case of the Biomarker Database Discoveries

Oncology Providers Can Transform the Trajectory of Financial Toxicity

Use Active Listening to Engage More Deeply in Patient Discussions

Oncology Nurse Navigator Roles Are Transforming Cancer Outcomes for Underserved Rural Patients

New Roles in Oncology Nurse Navigation

Unique Roles in Oncology Nursing: Oncology Nurse Navigation

How ONS Supports Oncology Nurse Navigators in Care Coordination

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