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Get Up, Get Moving
Get Up, Get Moving is a national quality campaign developed by ONS member experts to encourage oncology nurses to implement an evidence-based change in practice and recommend physical activity to patients with cancer during cancer treatment. 

Huddle Cards

Survivorship Care Plan

Late Effects of Cancer Treatment

ONS Articles

ONS Voice articles:

Motivate Your Patients to Make Healthy Choices With This Communication Approach

Lung Cancer Screening and Early Detection Drastically Improves Survival Rates (March 2023)

Legislators Introduce Bill for Cancer Survivorship (Jan 2023)

Nurse-Led Survivorship Programs: Expert Advice to Help Your Institution's Resources (Sept 2022)

Nurse Scientists Are Leading Patient Care Discoveries in the Ever-Evolving World of Cancer Survivorship (Sept 2022)

APRNs Collaborate With PCPs on Shared Survivorship Care Models (Sept 2022)

Data Coordinators and Oncology Nurses Collaborate to Create Accurate Comprehensive Survivorship Care (Sept 2022)

Oncology Nurse Educates the Public on the Evolution of Cancer Care and Survivorship (Sept 2022)

CNS Survivorship Needs More Research, Funding, and Training, Expert Panel Says

NCI Office of Cancer Survivorship Funded More Than $100 Million for Survivorship Research in 2020 (March 2022)

Nursing Considerations for Breast Cancer Survivorship Care

Nursing Considerations for Lymphoma Survivorship Care

Nursing Considerations for Colorectal Cancer Survivorship Care

Nursing Considerations for Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Care

Nursing Considerations for Melanoma Survivorship Care

Nursing Considerations for Prostate Cancer Survivorship Care

Nursing Considerations for Ovarian Cancer Survivorship Care

Survivorship Considerations After CAR T-Cell Therapy

APRN Led Clinics Enable Comprehensive Survivorship Care


Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing articles:

Response to "Treatment-Induced Ovarian Insufficiency and Early Menopause in Breast Cancer Survivors"

Cancer-Related Distress: Symptom Clusters in Rural Head and Neck Cancer Survivors (2023)

Examining Contributors to Intent to Continue Exercising in Patients With Cancer in Rehabilitation (2022)

Unmet Needs in Survivors On and Off Cancer Treatment: A Comparative Survey (2022)

Prevalence of Low Cost-Related Health Literacy Among Colorectal Cancer Survivors: Findings From the Kentucky Cancer Registry (2022)

Survivorship Care: More Than Checking a Box (2021)

Survivorship Care Plan Preferences and Utilization Among Asian American Breast Cancer Survivors (2021)

Colon Cancer: Survivorship Care Case Study, Care Plan, and Commentaries (2021)

Experiences of Muslim Cancer Survivors Living in the United States (2021)

Health Disparities: Impact of Health Disparities and Treatment Decision-Making Biases on Cancer Adverse Effects Among Black Cancer Survivors (2021)

Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors: Development of an Interprofessional Survivorship Clinic (2021)

Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivor Wellness: Development of a Web-Based Intervention (2020)

Survivorship Data Coordinator: Successful Exemplar of a New Survivorship Care Plan Role

Survivorship Fellowship: Evaluation and Evolution of a Program for Advanced Practice Providers

Survivorship: How to Survive Cancer and Still Lose Your Life

The Intersection of Palliative Care and Survivorship


Oncology Nursing Forum articles:

Empowering Lung Cancer Survivors in Post-Treatment Survivorship Care Using Participatory Action Research

An Integrative Review of Sex Differences in Quality of Life and Symptoms Among Survivors of Hematologic Malignancies

Rural Cancer Survivors' Perceptions of a Nurse-Led Telehealth Intervention to Manage Cancer-Related Distress (2023) 

Care Processes and Quality-of-Life Outcomes Affecting the Gynecologic Cancer Survivorship Experience (2023)

Breast Cancer Survivors' Satisfaction and Information Recall of Telehealth Survivorship Care Plan Appointments During the COVID-19 Pandemic (2022)

Framing Cancer Survivors' Access to and Use and Disposal of Prescribed Opioids Within the Opioid Epidemic (2022)

Symptom Occurrence, Frequency, and Severity During Acute Colorectal Cancer Survivorship (2022)

Perceived Body Image and Perceived Control Are Associated With Physical and Mental Health in Individuals With Cancer (2022)

Physical, Mental, and General Health Outcomes Among Childhood Cancer Survivors From the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey (2022)

A Phenomenologic Study of the Experiences of Pediatric Cancer Survivors After Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (2022)

Lung Cancer Survivor Experiences With Post-Treatment Care: An Integrative Review (2022)

A Retrospective, Cross-Sectional Study of Self-Reported Physical Activity and Depression Among Breast, Gynecologic, and Thoracic Cancer Survivors (2021)

Interventions for Managing Symptom Cluster of Pain, Fatigue, and Sleep Disturbances During Cancer Survivorship: A Systematic Review (2020)

Survivorship Care Plans: Health Actions Taken and Satisfaction After Use

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